Toolkit and templates

Our Challenge Poverty Week toolkit contains practical idea and tips to get the most out of the week, key messages and advice on how to make Challenge Poverty Week a springboard for a lasting impact.

The updated toolkit for 2022 will be available here soon. In the meantime, if you want ideas, you can download last year’s toolkit.

You can also download a template press release to help you promote your event to local media.

Sharing images

We have prepared a series of images, banners and social media posts to help with the social media discussions of Challenge Poverty Week.

They’re included in the Toolkit (above) and you can also download or share them below.

Please use these to promote events and to demonstrate your support. Please use the hashtags #DignityForAll and #ChallengePoverty in all social media posts, and share messages and photos from others as well.

Facebook cover images

Banner images

Twitter banners

Twitter posts

Instagram stories

Instagram posts

Postcards (printable)

Pledge cards (printable for photo stunts)

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