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Theme for 2022: Living Not Just Existing - Dignity For all

All of us want to live with dignity – to be treated as fully human, to have choices and be able to participate in our community.

But this winter, the soaring cost of living will deny that dignity to millions of people. People will be forced to choose between heating or eating… to skip meals so their children can eat… to go cold and hungry in one of the world’s richest countries.

We want to celebrate the work of people, organisations and communities across England and Wales that are coming together to uphold people’s dignity, in the face of the cost of living crisis.

Simple solutions – like the Universal Credit uplift that meant people had an extra £20 a week to cover costs – could make a huge difference. 

Challenge Poverty Week will be a chance for people and communities facing poverty to stand up with dignity, share stories, and speak out for a just solution to the cost of living crisis.

Join us in calling for action to tackle the crisis.

Challenge Poverty Week Aims

Challenge Poverty Week England & Wales is an opportunity for us all to say what needs to change to enable our own communities to thrive.

It’s a chance for voices that are too often ignored to be heard loud and clear. It’s a chance to show that it is possible to build a better, more compassionate society in which everyone can live life to the full. And it’s a chance to start that journey, together, now.

Raise Voices

To raise voices in unison against poverty and shine a light on visions for a more just, compassionate and opportunity-filled country.


Show Community

To show what is already being done at community level to challenge and alleviate poverty.


End the Stigma

To change the conversation around poverty and help end the stigma.


Build Awareness

To build awareness and support for sustainable approaches that enhance the dignity and agency of people in poverty.


Challenge Poverty Week Partners

Challenge Poverty Week England and Wales is open to any person or organisation that wants to take part. It is planned and supported by a number of organisations and networks. 

Click on the logo of a partner to visit their website.