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Challenge Poverty Week 2024 - Let's End Poverty

Recent polling shows that almost 90% of people across the UK say it’s important that more is done to tackle poverty. That overwhelming demand for action and change needs to be heard and heeded by people in power.

The dignity of people on low incomes is threatened by some powerful employers and politicians who don’t pay people enough to live on, and who choose to keep benefits low. They choose not to listen to people who live in poverty, who know how we could unleash the untapped positive power of communities.

With elections for Parliament and regional mayors approaching in 2024, let’s make sure all our voices are heard. Let’s call for policies and plans that ensure the dignity of everyone in our communities. Let’s speak out for a more hopeful future, and show how we can get there. And let’s celebrate the work of people, organisations and communities across England and Wales that are already coming together to uphold people’s dignity.

Challenge Poverty Week Aims

Challenge Poverty Week England & Wales is an opportunity for us all to say what needs to change to enable our own communities to thrive.

It’s a chance for voices that are too often ignored to be heard loud and clear. It’s a chance to show that it is possible to build a better, more compassionate society in which everyone can live life to the full. And it’s a chance to start that journey, together, now.

Celebrate what is already happening to challenge poverty and share good practices

Share our dreams of what a better, more just future looks like

Challenge our political leaders to act on poverty

Challenge Poverty Week Partners

Individual events during Challenge Poverty Week England and Wales are organised independently by any person or organisation that wants to take part. The Week is supported and made possible by a number of national partner organisations and networks. 

Click on the logo of a partner to visit their website.