Challenge Poverty Week 2021 in Cornwall

 Challenge Poverty Week 2021 in Cornwall

Cornwall Independent Poverty Forum (CIPF) and End Hunger Cornwall took a regional approach promoting Challenge Poverty Week 2021 in Cornwall with great success

Cornwall Independent Poverty Forum (CIPF) worked with End Hunger Cornwall to promote Challenge Poverty Week 2021 in Cornwall.

They asked projects working to address poverty to invite local leaders to come and visit their community group to highlight the excellent work they do and also to give insights into the reasons why so many within our communities are in poverty.

This local approach was a great success with over 18 events taking place during the week, and over a dozen elected councillors involved.

Find out more about what happened by downloading CIPF’s brochure.


  • So many people are in various kinds of poverty and financial struggle because our economic system basically gives most to the already wealthy. Piecemeal approaches don’t really work. We need to get to the root causes.

    And, I don’t wish to sound picky but poverty week in October 17th is ages away!!! Millions are already struggling NOW!!!

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