Get Involved

There doesn’t have to be poverty in the UK, but our society has been built up in a way that traps people in hardship. We cannot allow these injustices to continue! Challenge Poverty Week is an opportunity for us all to speak out about the changes we want to see in our communities and more widely.

How to get involved

Whether you want to run an event or get involved digitally, we welcome any and all efforts made to get involved and challenge poverty in October. Together, our combined efforts can make a much larger impact than if we acted alone.

We will be releasing tools and resources in the upcoming months so you can plan for your action during Challenge Poverty Week. This will include:

  • Downloadable social media resources
  • Tools to help you talk to the press
  • Events idea guides and frameworks
  • Case studies of what other people have done during Challenge Poverty Week

Come along to our online briefing!

Join us on Zoom on Wednesday 10 July to talk about the ways you can get involved with Challenge Poverty Week. Hear about  events and activities you could plan in your community – and ways you can use the Week engage with your newly-elected MP.

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