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Organise an event, or spread the word and speak out.

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Organising an event?

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If you haven’t got anything planned, don’t worry… you still have time, and here are three easy ways you can get involved. 

  1. Invite:  Invite your local MPs, councillors, mayor or journalists to see the work of your organisation and to meet your regulars. Show them what you do, and talk about what policy or system changes would help your community. Getting your message across in person is really effective, and if politicians are happy to be photographed, it can help you to engage more people on social media as well.
  2. Write:  Write to your local newspaper, or to local politicians, telling them what you do and saying what needs to change. You could do this individually or organise a letter-writing session where your members or regulars can all write messages, which you can gather together and send.
  3. Unite:  Find other like-minded organisations in your community and work together. Perhaps you could organise a local cost of living conversation, discussing what needs to change and how? We’ve seen in Manchester and Cornwall that when organisations work together in Challenge Poverty Week, they have a bigger impact. You can also unite by joining in the conversations on social media, using the hashtags #challengepoverty and following us on twitter, instagram and facebook.

Remember, the theme for Challenge Poverty Week this year is dignity, so speak up about what needs to change in your community to ensure that everyone can live with dignity, free from poverty.

If you want to discuss ideas or want some advice, please email

Please note, Challenge Poverty Week in Scotland is coordinated by The Poverty Alliance and is held earlier than in England and Wales. If you are in Scotland, please click here instead:

Challenge Poverty Week in London is coordinated by 4in10: London’s Child Poverty Network. If you are in London, please click here instead:

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