The UK is one of the wealthiest countries in the world – there doesn’t have to be poverty here. But over many years, our society has been built in a way that traps people in hardship and keeps them there.

Let’s End Poverty is a diverse, growing movement of people who are united behind a vision for a UK where poverty can’t keep anyone down.

As individuals and communities working together, this movement knows what its like to live in poverty. We understand what causes it. We can help to solve it. But we can’t do it on our own – we need political leaders to listen.

Join the movement of people and organisations as we stand together to create change. 

When People are going without, it's time to guarantee our essentials

The basic rate of Universal Credit should at least cover the cost of essentials like food, household bills and travel costs, but it is not currently set according to any objective assessment of what people need.

Right now, Universal Credit is £85 a week for a single adult. That means there’s a significant shortfall between people’s living costs and their income, which is forcing many to skip meals, switch off essential appliances such as fridges, and unable to pay essential bills.

The Trussell Trust and Joseph Roundtree Foundation is calling for an increase in universal credit so no one has to go without. You can help by signing their petition using the link below.