Watch: Race, class & gender discussion

 Watch: Race, class & gender discussion

One of Challenge Poverty Week’s biggest and most fascinating discussions was held on Wednesday, at “We need to talk (more) about race, class and gender”.

If you missed the event, you can watch it again here:

Speakers included:

  • Dr Andrea Barry, from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, discussing their work into poverty and how it intersects with race, class and gender
  • Dr Faiza Shaheen, from the Centre for Labour and Social Studies, discussing their work on the Race and Class Project following their report ‘Race and Class in post-Brexit Britain’
  • Sandra Rice and Sofia Khalu, from Migrant Support, discussing their work with women who are socially excluded on the grounds of their social and economic position
  • Anike Olaitan-Omole, from First Love Foundation, discussing the issues faced by the thousands of people they have supported through First Love Foundation in Tower Hamlets


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